Our Services

Local Services – we are a community-based organization with local social workers

Availability – our staff is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Confidentiality – we respect your privacy and will not share information without your permission

Financial help – we can connect you with insurance, medical care, housing, and assistance with pregnancy-related expenses

Counseling – our counseling staff can work with you through a variety of challenging life issues

Make a plan that’s right for you – we offer individualized services that are custom tailored to your specific needs

You can choose the parents for your child – and you can be as involved in the adoption process as you would like.

Updates and photos of your child after placement – to ease your mind that your child is healthy and loved

Peace of mind – knowing you made the right choice, for you and for your unborn baby.

Our Families

The families who adopt through Families First have been thoroughly screened through a “home study” process. We conduct criminal background checks, request medical screenings, examine financial statements, and collect letters of reference. A Families First caseworker meets with the family for multiple hours over several days and visits their home to ensure it is safe and well-suited for a child. The caseworker will also speak with the parents about discipline strategies, education plans, and leisure time hobbies. Prospective families are not approved until the full assessment has been completed. Families First also provides resources and training to adoptive families on how to talk to their child about adoption and how to nurture a positive self-image.

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Success Stories

"We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with Families First in the adoption of our son. We were originally drawn to Families First because of their mission to support all families and serve anyone that wants to build a family or keep their family together. Diane and Ruth were very professional and supportive as we rode the ups and downs of infant adoption matches. They were always there and responded immediately when we needed anything. We really appreciated their philosophy of supporting birth moms and giving them the tools they needed to make the best decision for themselves and the child without pushing their opinions or beliefs. We highly recommend Families First and we hope to work with them again soon for our second adoption."
Anthony and Susan
Adoptive Parent
"My husband and I had such a wonderful experience working with Families First. From our initial inquiry through adoption, the Families First team has been supportive, knowledgeable and helpful. We had a prior negative experience with another adoption agency and were nervous about adopting again. Our Coordinator Diane alleviated our fears and was with us every step of the way through the process. She was also great to the birth mom, providing support to her after the baby was born. We highly recommend Families First!"
Chris and Cherrise
Adoptive Parents
"It’s no secret that the process of becoming a parent is full of questions and concerns, especially for the adoptive family. When it came to growing our family, we knew we’d need to find knowledgeable professionals who could answer our myriad of questions and point us in the right direction. From our initial meeting to the post-placement visit, the team at Families First provided the education, support, and resources we needed every step of the way. Diane’s loving guidance helped us to better understand the needs of our child and surrounded us with the support we needed. We’re so glad we chose Families First to walk with us through our adoption journey, and look forward to growing our family with their help again in the future."
Families First Client
Adoptive Parent
Adopting is very scary. It is literally something that you’ve never done before, right? Although you know in your heart you would be great parents, there is something really scary about having to prove yourself. As a prospective parent, there is always a feeling of falling short or not being good enough to be chosen. You have fears that make you drag your feet because you’re literally waiting for the other shoe to drop, because, well, so many other shoes have dropped before. So, scared is what you are. But you are also human. That was me, I’m human...and I felt all of these things. I’m not sure if Families First was aware of my feelings but they explained who they were and their mission. They educated my husband and I about the adoption process and clarified information because, let’s face it...it’s a lot. They stayed in connection with us. Kept us on track and referred us to other providers for resource. They gave us the pros and cons of every potential situation, allowing us to make an educated decision and gave us time to ponder issues that may have come up. When we were chosen, I was shocked. Remember, I was waiting for the shoe to drop. However, Families First was right there educating us on what to expect. Our daughter was being born fairly soon so everything seemed to go quickly. Families First facilitated meetings, even outside of normal business hours and told us what to expect even up to and during the coming day. Thank God every thing worked out. Having Families First present and by our side made a world of difference...literally!
Junior and Kimberly
Adoptive Parent
"We had always wanted to have children, but ended up having many years of challenges starting our family. After 11 years, we chose adoption. We had heard about home studies with Families First through a friend and had heard that they were easy to work with and would help us move quickly during the home study to grow our family through adoption. From the first phone call, we knew that this was the agency for us to do our home study. The administrative assistant, Ruth, was so friendly and helpful. We were nervous about the home study, but our case worker immediately put us at ease. She was so friendly and really cared about us and our desire to start our family.  After 3 years of trying to adopt through a different adoption agency, we received a call from Families First that we were matched with a baby through them. That day changed our lives.  Our case worker cheered with us when we got the news. Families First made sure that our baby's birthmother had a case worker that was able to support her as well as we had our own case worker who helped walk us through what would happen with an adoption with Families First. They were incredibly supportive during that time waiting for the baby to be born and were quick to answer questions and respond to concerns we had throughout the process. We were able to be in contact with both case workers to consistently know the timeline of events. After our baby was born, both case workers continued to stay in contact with us to make sure that we were transitioning into life as a family. We couldn’t have asked for a better agency to experience our first time being parents.  We are totally in love with our baby girl and are so thankful to Families First for making this possible."
Adoptive Family

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Since 1890, Families First has been serving families and children throughout Georgia. We became Georgia’s first licensed adoption agency in 1937, and over the decades, we have expanded our services to provide various resources and supports to help families thrive.

We are committed to listening to you so we can help you navigate through your pregnancy. We offer sensitive and honest guidance and individualized service so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you made the right choice. Our services are offered free of charge to you, and financial assistance may be available in some cases. You are in control of your options. Call us today to get started.


Our dedicated staff has more than over 60 years of experience in working with pregnant women.  We offer professional counseling and no-strings-attached support to the women we serve.

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