Hello! My name is Ingrid, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to create my own family and become a mom!  I come from a close-knit family, including my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and my two nephews, (I call them my lil’ dudes).  They all live in Chicago, and we like to get together as many times as possible during the year to celebrate holidays and family birthdays. We enjoy cooking, watching soccer (we have different teams we root for, which keeps things interesting!), playing games, and having dance parties with lots of music.  My parents are from England, so we incorporate some British traditions in our celebrations, such as sharing Christmas crackers before the holiday meal. Christmas crackers are festive table decorations that snap when two people hold each end and pull apart to reveal a paper crown, a joke and a treat or toy.  We all partner up and then wear the crowns for the rest of the night and share the jokes at the table. It’s so much fun!

I feel very blessed to have a career I love.  I am a licensed counselor and board-certified dance movement therapist.  I began my dance therapy career working with the homeless, at-risk youth and other marginalized populations in Ireland and England. I have master’s degrees in both dance movement therapy & counseling and educational policy studies. I have my own therapy practice with a bright, spacious office on the 5th floor of my building that I call my treehouse, as there are beautiful trees all around me. 

Speaking of trees, I love my home and community. I chose my house as it is surrounded by a creek and natural forest area.  I live on a tree-lined street with friendly neighbors from diverse backgrounds. My neighborhood has a lot of kids and activities geared towards families, such as our annual Halloween festival, Easter egg hunt at the local park, and tree lighting ceremony at Christmastime. I have close friends who live nearby, and we like to get together for BBQs, hiking trips, Atlanta United soccer matches and local festivals. I enjoy performances of all kinds, especially dance, and attend a variety of cultural events throughout the year.  I am a member of the Atlanta History Center and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

I am adopting because I have always dreamed of having my own family.  I was unable to have children naturally, and have many friends that have adopted who express their joy after making this decision.  I am part of a supportive community of women called Single Mothers by Choice, which includes many mothers of adoptive kids who come from a variety of backgrounds and races.

I promise that my child will always know her or his adoption story and the wonderful way we became a family. I promise to create a home filled with warmth and security, so she or he will grow into a happy, confident and strong adult. I promise to provide unconditional love and support so they can feel comfortable asking questions and exploring every aspect of life. I promise to always be grateful to you for considering the path of adoption, and wish you all the best on your journey. I hope to hear from you.