Allison and Kevin

Who we are

We met on a warm sunny day in October in 2014. Our paths had crossed many times before in the past, but we never realized it. When our paths finally did cross, we knew there was something special between us. It had felt like we had known each other forever. As much as we love and respect one another, we always knew our family wasn’t complete. We always knew that we wanted to welcome a child, or children, into our home and hearts. We have so much love to give and so much knowledge and experience to share. We love to learn, whether it’s by practicing our Spanish, trying a new recipe, or traveling somewhere new. We will provide a safe, stable, fun and nurturing environment. Love, laughter, friendship, support, education, adventure and opportunity are the elements of our lifestyle and we are eager to extend that to your child or children.  

Where we live

We live in a quiet family-oriented apartment complex in Cobb County, surrounded by birds, flowers and trees. One day soon, we will have a house of our own with a big backyard, swing-set and play area, and in time, a puppy or dog to join our little family. We often talk about getting a dog but in our hearts, we know that it would be truly special if our adopted child was able to choose one for herself/himself.  

Our family & friends

We have very supportive family and friends who are all extremely excited to welcome a new addition(s) to the family. My nephew and nieces, in particular, are eager to have a new cousin(s)!  We are truly blessed that we have such a strong network of friends and family, many of whom have children as well.  

Our promise to you

We have always dreamed about being parents together and giving a child, or children, a loving home. We are very excited to share our love and open our hearts and home to your child. Please know that unconditional love, support and encouragement will surround your child every single day.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Please view our online album to learn more.

We hope to meet you soon!

Love, Allison & Kevin