Hello! My name is Amanda. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my family. I am very excited for the opportunity to add a child to this fun and loving bunch! I’m 43 and single and have a very happy life – and I know that a child will hold a very precious place in it.

MY FAMILY. I have one brother and two sisters. I share a home with my sister Promise and my mom, Eileen. We are all very close and spend as much time together as we can. Music is a big part of my family. Promise and I both play piano, our mom plays cello, and the whole family loves to sing. My extended family are my sister-in-law’s family. Her mom and dad, Jeff & Jane, are like parents to me, and her sisters I consider my sisters too. I also have a larger group of friends who are committed to playing a personal role in this child’s life. Some have their own adoption stories, and are ready and willing to share their experience and understanding with a new family member.

WHAT I ENJOY. I love music, especially Motown and James Taylor. I also enjoy reading, doing puzzles, wearing hats, and hosting game nights. I love to spend time at the beach, hike in the mountains, go to football games, and take sunset walks in my neighborhood. I also love roasting s’mores with the family!

VALUES. I believe in God and the Bible, and I attend a non-denominational church. However, I also believe that children have the right to express themselves and to discover for themselves what they believe as they grow. This was very important to me as a young person. I will make sure any child I am privileged to raise will have that freedom, as well as a loving foundation. My church family is diverse and accepting. They gather often, in and out of church services. They are committed to being part of each other’s daily lives, volunteering in our community, and supporting families who are raising children.

TRADITIONS. One of our favorite family traditions is going to a Christmas tree farm each year to find the perfect tree. We ride the hayride and then warm up with hot cider and boiled peanuts! We LOVE Christmas. Every Christmas Eve, we give each other silly, fun new pajamas, and then each choose one present to open before bed. We also love bedtime stories, summer camps, and birthday parties.

EDUCATION AND CAREER. I graduated high school in 1994 and studied Piano and Theatre for my Bachelor of Arts at university. I am an Elementary Music teacher and Theatre Director at a K-12 private school. I am also the Worship Director for my church, and I freelance as a musician and theatre director.

HOME AND COMMUNITY. I live in a diverse family-oriented neighborhood, on a quiet street. There are lots of parks, playgrounds, and fun attractions within driving distance. My home is a 3-bedroom ranch on a half-acre lot, with a large open-plan family area. The yard has lots of space to run and play.

WHY I’M ADOPTING. I have always dreamed about being a mother and giving all the love I have to a child unconditionally. I am unable to have biological children, but have always wanted to adopt, ever since I was young. My aunt and uncle adopted 3 of my cousins, one of my good friends adopted both of her children, and my best friend Lisa is an adoptee herself.  I am excited to be adopting, and all my family and friends feel the same. I have always felt that adoption is a very special way to create a family, and a powerful expression of unconditional love and commitment. I believe it takes an enormous amount of love from incredible parents to choose a life for their child by placing them with an adoptive family. I will make sure that this child is proud to have been adopted, and proud to be who they are. I would be honored to have you as a part of this child’s life, if you choose to be, so that they may always know where they are from and who gave them life. And no matter what their story holds, this little one will know without question that they are loved deeply by ALL of their family.