Bradley and Tom


Our Family

Hi there! Our names are Bradley & Tom, and we are so overjoyed at the thought of you considering us and taking the time to read about who we are.

We have been a couple since 2007 and officially married in 2016. We have both been teachers since 2012, and our love for teaching continues to grow. We feel that our expertise in the elementary and secondary education fields combined helps us become a great parenting team! Bradley is known as a “kid magnet”, and Tom knows how to approach his teenage students with just the right amount of compassion and firmness they need to know that he is a huge advocate for them. We do our best to carry this on to our, now 4-year-old, son who we adopted from birth in 2017.

As a family, we enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities! We make time during our days off to go to different parks to play, hike, ride bikes, and just enjoy quality family time. We even love visiting our family and friends that live out of town as much as possible. We believe being around family so often helps our son have the stable support system that he needs to develop and grow in a loving and caring environment.

Even though we do like to go to other places, we also enjoy our family time at home. Many times, you may find us playing soccer or hide and seek in the front yard or jumping on the trampoline and playing on the swing set in the backyard. Reading books before bedtime or playing card games or board games are some more favorite family pastimes of ours.

As we hope you can see, we are intentional about participating in activities that allow our son to be the center of our attention, and we want to show our love and affection for our next child in the same way.

Our Home & Community

We recently decided to move into our new home in 2020. It is in a suburb just outside the city with a spacious yard. The neighborhood has its own community pool and park that all the neighbors can enjoy. They even hold annual neighborhood events like a 4th of July party and Christmas Caroling. We truly feel a sense of community and acceptance in our new neighborhood!

Our Views on Adoption

We have decided to adopt again because we feel like we have so much more love to give to another little one! We have always talked of having at least two kids, and we would love our son to have a little sibling, who is also adopted, so that they have each other to rely on and relate to later in life. We envision our children supporting each other, as they grow older, since they will both come from adoption backgrounds.

If you decide we are the right fit, we will ensure that our son or daughter would know where he or she came from. We want to be very open and honest with our children, and we want them to know that his or her birthparent(s) made the most loving and selfless decision by choosing adoption. In fact, we are very open with our son’s birth family, and we get together with them as often as possible. We would like the same for our second child as well, or whatever you, as the birthmother, also feel most comfortable with.

We hope this has helped you get a better picture of who we are. We also pray that this helps you get one step closer in making the decision that is best for you and your family.

With much love and respect,

Bradley & Tom