DEAR BIRTH PARENT(S): My name is Caprice, “Pree,” and I would love the opportunity and great pleasure of being your baby’s adoptive mom! I have always wanted to be mom. I would love to find a partner and be married, then have children, but I am currently very happy, financially secure and have a great “village” of close friends and family members that will be a special part of me raising your baby. I was born and raised in The Bay Area California and have a cool, fun, laidback California personality. I was raised as an only child and my parents separated early on in my life. They always lived close and kept an open relationship for my sake. I love international travel, finding deals and coupons, eating healthy and living a healthy outdoor lifestyle. 
I was a very chatty and inquisitive child. My parents always encouraged me to ask why and to think outside of the box. I had a funny personality and good friends to hang out with. I played sports and had fun. As a teenager I was funny yet reserved. I loved makeup, shopping, sleep-overs, and music. Overall, I had a very sweet childhood. As an adult, I have been told that I am a very fun and outgoing person. At work I am very serious and process oriented, but away from work I am fun, lighthearted, and like to stay active and eat healthy! I do not mind spending time in the house, but when the weather is nice, I also love to be outdoors enjoying life, family, and friends in Georgia. In my personal time I enjoy international travel, attending cultural events: museums, theater, music concerts, festivals; antiquing, living a healthy active lifestyle, and spending relaxing quality time with my large family and close friends. 
My neighborhood is active, social, culturally diverse. Our vibrant community hosts several yearly social events planned for both children and adults. We have a variety of local parks, hiking trails, shopping centers, indoor and outdoor kid activities are just minutes away, as well as many shopping and dining options.
Should you choose me, your child will always be loved and know how much you love them. I hope you find peace as you make this difficult decision.