Caroline and Lauren

Caroline and Lauren

Caroline, Lauren, Abigail and Levi

 Introduce Yourselves: Hello! We are a joyful and compassionate family of 4 looking to grow and share our love with another member.  

Why We Want to Adopt: Our family exists because of adoption! We love being parents and have 2 wonderful kids hoping to become older siblings.  We are ready to grow and share our life and love with another member. 

Lauren: Lauren is an awesome mom because she is patient, loving and experienced. She loves doing fun activities with the family, like camping and hiking. She likes to teach the kids how to build and work on things, like the motorcycle she is rebuilding. At night she helps with homework and plays board games with the kids. She brings family together, hosting big gatherings for our cousins and aunts and uncles, and loves to smoke ribs on her home-made smoker-grill.

Lauren is a doctor and cares for veterans. She also serves in the Army National Guard where she takes care of fellow troops. It’s really awesome to have a doctor in the family for those times when kids get under the weather!

Caroline:  Caroline loves being a mom and takes pride in building a loving and safe home. She teaches the kids that they are each special and individual in their own way. She helps them get to their activities, like swimming, Lacrosse, and Girl Scouts, helps with homework, and helps make school lunches and dinners for the family.  Caroline is a chaplain in a hospital and a minister in the Episcopal church. Caroline loves to sing and is in a chorus. Sometimes she plays the piano and sings while Lauren and the kids dance around the living room. She also enjoys running and swimming long distances in lakes.

Pets:  We have a gentle and loyal dog, Cleo. She is very sweet and protective of our family. We have a really funny cat, Diana. Abigail is a real animal lover and helped pick out each of our pets from the shelter.

Caroline’s family lives in the same town, so the kids have lots of cousins, aunts, an uncle, and grandparents to be around. Lauren’s family lives in the Midwest and we enjoy visiting them for some snow each year. The kids have LOTS of love showered on them. 

Parenting and Education:  We believe that love and support are the core of parenting. We want each child to know that they are sacred and cherished. We value our kids’ racial and cultural identifies, helping them connect with people who look like them and are from the same backgrounds. We set good boundaries by helping the kids know the rules so they can stay safe. We believe in supporting each child in becoming the person they were meant to be by nurturing their individual gifts. For example, Abigail is naturally good with animals, so we make lots of opportunities to be with animals, like taking horse riding lessons. Levi is really good at math, so we play math games with him that he loves.  We also believe that faith is an important part of life.  We teach our children about God both at home, through prayer and storytelling, and in a church community; we teach that loving God and loving others are principles to live by.

Our Beginning:  We have known each other for 25 years! We started to fall in love when we were in high school but didn’t start dating until our early 20s. We married in 2003 and are looking forward to our 16th wedding anniversary. We cherish and respect each other as individuals and love walking together on this life journey.

Our Home and Community:  We love our home!  We live in a really special neighborhood – there are about 25 kids who are always playing with each other. We have a neighborhood pool where we spend a lot of time in the summer. We take camping trips twice a year with our neighbors, and we have a fun Halloween parade each year. It’s an awesome place for a kid to live. There are trusted neighbors all around to help keep the kids safe.  

Closing:  We are hoping to open our home and hearts to another child. Since we have already been parents for 10 years, we know we have the experience and ability to offer a wonderful home to another child. We thank you for reading about us and for considering us as potential parents!