Christopher and Humberto

Our Family:

We are a tight knit family who tend to spend a lot of time together. We love family coming over and having barbecues and vacationing together. We moved to Atlanta from Florida 2 years ago to be closer to Chris’s family and have loved it ever since.

We also love cycling and traveling, Pre-Covid we enjoyed traveling to new countries and going on cruises. We now spend most of our time working from home and taking road trips where we can socially distance.

Our travels have taken us to many places across the globe from South America to Eastern Europe. Experiencing new things and going on new adventures is truly our passion.

Who We Are:

Humbi is an Architect and loves to design and create. He currently works for a post construction company as the Sr. Estimating Manager. He is originally from Venezuela and has been living in the United States for the last 5 years. Chris is an IT Manage for a Financial Technology company and manages a diverse team located all around the world. Max and Milo are our 2 puppies who’s main hobbies are eating and sleeping, lol.

Our Home & Community:

We own a home in a quiet area in the suburbs of Atlanta. Our neighborhood has many families with children ranging from infants to teenagers and is very diverse. Our community regularly organizes parties, movie nights, food trucks and more. Our community is nestled in a wooded area far from any main streets, traffic and noise. Many families also have pets and we all enjoy saying hello to each other on our walks.

Our community is a walk away from local trails which we regularly visit and close to several schools and parks.

Why are we adopting:

Before Humbi and Chris met they, both knew they always wanted to be dads. Our love for children has always been evident to not only us but also our friends and family. We have 3 godsons, 2 nephews and a niece on the way. We want to share the love we have for each other with our future child and share all the love and care our families shared with us when we were children with them. We will support our child in anything and everything they set out to do and will encourage their decision to contact their birth family.