Courtney and Kevin


Thank you for taking a bit of time to read our profile and for considering us as part of your adoption plan. We realize considering adoption for your child is undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. We believe arriving to the decision of placing your child with a loving family takes unexplainable strength, courage, and selflessness. We have an enormous amount of admiration and respect for you. We pray daily for your health and overall wellbeing. We pray that you find peace and comfort in making the finest decision for the life you envision of your beautiful child.

We met on in the winter in 2012. Prior to deciding to meet in person we communicated by phone and email for about a month and a half. Although we grew up minutes apart from one another, our mothers attended the same high school and we know many of the same people, our paths never crossed. When we finally decided to meet in person it felt like we had known one another for lifetime, as our chemistry and connection was instant. We have been together for 8 years and married for 5 years. We are a charming, easy-going, fun, loving couple deeply rooted and ground in our Christian faith. We believe it is through our faith and love for God we are always able to find joy and happiness in each day. We believe God continues to guide us to be the best versions of ourselves.

We cherish and enjoy spending quality time with one another as well as spending quality time with our family and friends. We truly value the gift of time and believe it is most precious and priceless. It is in the joy filled moments spent together that amazing memories are created. We absolutely love beach vacations and we take one at least once a year. The peace, calmness and serenity of the beach not only brings us joy, but it relaxes and rejuvenates our mind, body and spirit. We enjoy hiking at state parks, riding our bikes along nature filled trails and long walks in the park or around our neighborhood. We also enjoy traveling, reading books of various genres, visiting museums, attending theatrical plays, dining at new restaurants, attending sporting events, driving go karts and riding ATV’s.

We love the joy, spirit and giving of the holiday season. We host Thanksgiving dinner annually. We spend the day watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, watching football and enjoying the company of our family and friends. Christmas is our favorite holiday. Each year we have an annual Christmas tree decorating party and we decorate our home. We do an annual fun filled matching Christmas pajama photoshoot. Christmas eve we light the fireplace, make homemade hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies. Christmas day we host a family dinner.

Kevin is a Human Resources Data Security Analysist. Kevin also officiates youth and high school football and lacrosse. Courtney is an Instructional Designer. Courtney has a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Studies with a concentration in English and Language Arts. She also has two Master’s Degrees in child and adult education. We live in a middle-class suburb located about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. Our neighborhood is a swim and tennis community, that is quiet and culturally diverse.

We are beyond overjoyed to be adopting. It has always been our hearts desire to be parents. However, in December of 2017 after many years of struggling with interfertility and 5 surgeries, we learned we were unable to have children biologically. Through prayer, God led our hearts to adoption. We promise to provide our child with a stable and secure home. A home filled with nothing but unconditional love, support, hugs, and laughs. A home that will always encourage our child to dream big, to be ambitious without the fear of failure and to explore their creativity. We will always be our child’s biggest cheerleader. We promise to ensure our child is well-rounded. We will tell our child their birth parents love them and their decision to place them with a loving adoptive family was one of strength, courage, and selflessness.