David and Corin

We are writing this letter to tell you a bit about ourselves and also to share with you why we believe we would make a perfect family for your child:

We are Robert and David. We have been married for over 7 years and have been in a monogamous relationship since we first meet on February 20th, 2011. We have a very loving family, which includes a large extended family of brothers, sisters and incredibly supportive parents. As a family, we try to get together whenever we can for family meals and other functions, including BBQ’s and birthdays. We enjoy being together and doing things together, including family vacations and traveling. We have a large, diverse family, which include several adopted children, with different backgrounds and races.

David’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and he is presently a successful Realtor and real estate instructor. Robert’s education includes an Associates Degree in computer networking and maintenance. Robert is a kitchen supervisor/cook, but he has very flexible hours and, as a supervisor, he can choose to limit his hours so he can spend time with the new baby.

Robert and David live in the outskirts of Metro Atlanta, in a large ranch-style home on several acres, which includes a totally fenced swimming pool. This quiet neighborhood has many great schools, churches, farms, and parks.

Since we are a gay couple, we know that something that may come to your mind is the eventual sexual orientation of your child. When your child becomes an adult, he/she will be able to follow their own sexual orientation.

In conclusion, what we are offering your child two very loving parents, who are anxious to open our hearts, arms and home to him or her. We are also offering a supportive extended family, who would do anything to make sure that your child is raised in a loving, supportive, environment We plan to talk to your child about you and let your child know that you sacrificed you own personal interests to make sure that he or she  would have a loving, stable home.

We look forward to meeting you, if you were to choose us and we hope for your positive consideration.