Amie and Jeff


Family Profile for Amie & Jeff

               About 11 years ago, God brought together two people that seemed to compliment each other very well. That was us- Jeff and Amie. We became great friends and eventually started a romantic relationship. We have been married now for 8.5 years and have never looked back. I think we both would say that we are lucky enough to be married to our best friend. We both take on the world every day with a smile and a positive attitude and believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to look after other people and lend a hand any time you can.

               We both love to travel and get out there and to see this beautiful world we live in. We spend a lot of our time exploring the outdoors, taking on new adventures and meeting new people whenever the opportunity presents itself. We also enjoy spending a lot of time with our friends and family. Our house is the one where everyone seems to come to, and we would not want it any other way. We work hard- Jeff in Real Estate and Amie in Technology Sales- and that helps provide the means to make sure we are enjoying the time when we are not working. We also firmly believe in giving back to our community and spend a good bit of time volunteering at a local children’s home, at church and wherever we feel someone could use our help.

We were blessed with our daughter Berkley in 2015. We love being parents to her and have always envisioned having more children. After several years of trying with a few miscarriages and one failed round of IVF, we decided that adoption was a much better route than continuing to force something that didn’t seem meant to be. We have tons of love in our hearts and would love the opportunity to provide a warm, fun, loving and supportive family for another child. Berkley would love to have a sister or brother to spend time with and take on the world with.

We live in a vibrant and diverse community and plan to stay to raise our children here. With our adoptive child, our plan is to be open and honest from day one about their path and journey into our/their family. We believe that this is part of their story and is important to keep alive.  We look forward to creating an environment that will help our children thrive and become the people they want to be.