Y'Shakaa and Torin


Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and possibly consider us as future adoptive parents to your child.  Just knowing that you are reading this letter gives us hope.  

My name is Y’Shakaa and my husband is Torin.  As we sit to write this letter our hearts are rushing with emotions and excitement, mostly because we understand how this is life changing for you and for us.  We pray that after reading our letter you find comfort in knowing that we do not take this lightly or for granted.  As a mother I know you’re looking for a loving and safe home for your child, as we are looking to love and share our lives with a child. 

Torin and I are both originally from the sunshine state of Florida.  We met in Atlanta, GA while attending grad school.  I work as a high school History and Business teacher and Torin works in the insurance industry as an Underwriter.  After graduating and dating for 3 years we were married surrounded by our closest friends and family.  Family is very important to both us, and our family and circle of friends are so excited and supportive about welcoming a new addition to our family.   Although we live in the Atlanta metro area, we enjoy visiting our relatives in Florida, where we sit around and share funny childhood stories of how we grew up.  During our visit, we are certain to enjoy some type of seafood feast while taking our numerous nieces and nephews to the beach.  Torin and I also enjoy traveling, hiking, trying different foods and just recently ventured into gardening and growing our own fresh vegetables in the backyard.   Torin is very caring and enjoys sports and keeping up the latest current events.  I enjoy cooking, event planning and playing in our garden.

Although we are surrounded by so much love and support from our family, during our 8 years of marriage, one of our biggest challenges has been conceiving.  We have long desired to be parents!  As I mentioned in the beginning of this letter, you reading this gives us hope and we hope that you will select us as parents to your child.  I want to ensure you that as long as we have breath, your child will be loved unconditionally, nurtured, cared for and covered/protected daily.  Please know that we have prayed for this child, and we accept this responsibility with an open heart and mind to all that it brings.  We will give of ourselves with no regrets.