Jason and Hope

Sunday dinner is one of our family traditions. The dinner table is our safe place to enjoy each other, share ideas, and celebrate victories.

Jason and Hope. Our love story started the day we met in 2004 at the voting polls for the Presidential Elections, and we have been married for 14 years. Our careers are unique. Jason works in environmental safety for public health, and he played a critical role in keeping the public safe during the Pandemic. I enjoy working with my local church, serving as a Pastoral Care Minister, and Assimilation Data Coordinator.

We live in a comfortable single-family home surrounded by beautiful nature trails, historic land, and community parks designed for families and anyone who enjoys beautiful scenery. When we walk in our neighborhood, parents ride their bikes, the baby trailer attached, enjoying the fresh air. Along with the local water park, families enjoy water slides and walking their dogs.

Jason and I have always wanted to have children, and adopting a child will give us a chance to love, care for, and raise a child. And being a part of this journey of parenthood will only happen through adoption. So when we enjoy the family traditions and holidays, we imagine every moment with our children in our lives.

Our baby adoption story will be a natural part of their life. We will integrate and celebrate our family story as we tell them about their story.