JT and Lynette

We met at the end of 2004 on match.com.  That seemed to be an odd way of meeting at the time but it worked for us lol. 

We’ve been together ever since our first date.  We just clicked and although we have been through a lot together, we have survived. It seems to be that people tend to thrive in relationships when they grow together which we have always done, just organically.  

We married in 2013 in Atlanta.  Some might view that as a long engagement, but it really gave us a chance to know one another and develop successful ways to work things together.  Over the years while working full-time we produced and got worldwide distribution for a horror film and owned and operated a SCUBA diving business in the Philippines (which we’ve since sold).  

 JT is a lawyer for a renewable energy-focused business and Lynette trains people on radiological equipment when her hands aren’t full with Kaley.  JT has an older brother and sister, and Lynette is the middle child, bookended by two brothers.  Both our fathers have passed away, but our moms are the same age and going strong.  We love the outdoors and enjoy cycling, skiing, SCUBA diving, hiking, yoga, reading, going new places and seeing new things. 

We adopted our daughter Kaley in 2017 and she’s been the star of our family since.  The first few months were a bumpy road for her, with some health issues, but she’s fully transformed into a magical, little girl.  She has added so much joy to our lives, so we want to add one more to our family.   

We have one dog Lexi, a 5 pound Morkie who is 9 years old, and one barn cat, Tiger, who protects our back yard from chipmunks and squirrels.  Kaley loves them both and they do well with her in return. 

We’ve moved so many times following JT’s career but we’re settled here now and plan to stay We like the diversity of the city and the proximity to the ocean, woods and Eastern mountains.  It’s also closer to family for both JT and Lynette—JT’s mom just moved to a townhouse 2 miles away, and Lynette’s family is a short drive away. 

We’re teaching Kaley to swim and to enjoy walks in the woods and look forward to more fun with her skiing and exploring.  She loves Daniel Tiger and the Mickey Mouse Club, enjoys coloring and painting, singing and reading books.  She’s got such a bright personality and an infectious laugh!