Kevin and Laura

We are ready with the baby pool, the rubber duckies, the Easter Eggs, and the imaginations to create magic and memories with a child.  We long for a day spent across the street at the park, going down the slide 274 times and losing plastic dinosaurs in the sandbox.  We can’t wait to cool off with a slip ’n’ slide and neighbors in our front yard, and s’mores in the evening, making sticky little fingers.  We dream of all these idealistic moments and milestones, but we also know what matters most is the love we give, the values we instill, and the way we teach our child to feel about themselves. 

We know that parenting will not be easy, and each day will bring as many dirty diapers and tears as it does smiles and happiness, but we are committed to the whole package.  We also know that the path to this precious family is a challenging one.  We honor the journey you are on and know it cannot be easy.  We hope we may get the chance to know your story and see how our stories can connect through the love we share for this special baby.  We hope you may find that our values align and we share common dreams as you for your child.  Whatever you may choose, we trust it is the right decision for you and your child, and we wish you peace and assurance on your journey. 

A Bit about Us: We met in college when we were just 19 years old, and that has allowed us to grow up together and grow deeper in love as we’ve done adulthood as a team! We’ve been together for 18 years and married for 11.  Our faith has always been important to us and our families and the value for community-building at our Catholic college has become the foundation of the life we built together.  Now, we hope to grow our family and share our lives and love with a child, and we are more than ready!  Our infertility journey was a long one; it took a while to realize that surgeries Laura had when she was little had made pregnancy impossible.  This was hard, but we turned to each other for strength and have found hope again through adoption.  We trust that we’re in this adoption journey at the right time to find the child who is meant to join our family.  And now, we are so ready!  Our last step is to paint the baby’s room, but we’re saving that for a way to celebrate once we get the word that a mother has chosen us to love her child.  Our hearts are open and we’re bursting with love to give. 

About Laura: Laura is a teacher turned founder and Executive Director of a non-profit that empowers youth to uplift their community through servant-leadership.  As the youngest of four children, Laura was so pumped to become an Aunt at only 12 years old. She’s brought Kevin’s clever calculations and goofy personality into her traditions of always leading elaborate scavenger hunts for presents at Christmas.  All our nieces and nephews are looking forward to passing this down to their new cousin! 

About Kevin: Kevin is an Electrical Engineer at a local university and a lover of urban planning and architecture.  The Keefes have a 70+ year tradition of extended family trips to our cabin in Canada, and Kevin can’t wait to show our child the best fishing spots and skipping stones.  Kevin’s sister’s family lives in metro-Atlanta, and Ellie and Jackson love Atlanta United games and laser tag with their Uncle Kev.  Ellie can’t wait to babysit when she’s a little older!

Our Home and Hobbies: We chose our home in Midtown Atlanta in 2009, knowing it was the perfect place to raise a child – with great schools and diversity of people and experiences.  We’re lucky to walk across the street to Piedmont Park, a playground, farmer’s market, and festivals.  You can find us exploring new restaurants, festivals, or weird art exhibits.  A lot of our time is also spent working together with the youth in our non-profit.  Kevin shared his love for soccer with Laura, and now we’re huge Atlanta United fans, and never miss a game!  We’ve made a tradition of hosting outdoor movie nights with friends and neighbors in our condo’s front yard.  Much of our adventures center around our pup, Flyer.  While we love the City, we feel super blessed that we’re a short drive from so many hiking spots. 

Our Promise: Your child will know they are blessed with love from both us and you.  We will nurture confidence to be exactly who they are, value where they come from, and achieve whatever they dream.  We will teach them to love with their whole heart, find strength in God, and live their faith through spreading love to others.  Both when easy and difficult, we’ll take every opportunity to laugh and find joy together.