Laura and Michael

For the past 10 years, we have been living as a small family, just the two of us with our two tuxedo cats, Remi and Finnegan. We are both natives of Metro-Atlanta and attended the same middle and high school where we first met and became long-time friends before even starting to date. We love living in an area that is close to both the city as well as nature, as we enjoy the cultural activities and the diversity of downtown Atlanta as well as the peaceful beauty and recreational opportunities available at nearby parks and waterways. Michael has always been into film as both an art form and as entertainment. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production and works as a Grip through the local union of Studio Mechanics. He has been a working part of many major and minor productions filmed in Georgia and very much enjoys what he does. I earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Psychology here in Georgia. I started out with a Clinical Psychology focus and ended up becoming passionate about working with children with developmental disabilities and have been working with this population for the past 13 years in both clinical and educational settings. In the spring I complete my 9th school-year working as an Inclusion Specialist for a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic intervention and support for children with disabilities within a typical early-childhood school program. I also enjoy teaching after-school fine-arts enrichment classes through the school’s affiliated church program. Michael and both attend a local Presbyterian church and have been members for over 10 years. We love the church’s emphasis on cultural diversity and welcoming outsiders, as well as the focus on celebrating worship and biblical meaning through the arts. Michael and I have always wanted children. We have spent the first 8 years of our marriage waiting for doctors to tell us for certain whether it would be safe for me to have children due to my autoimmune conditions. We spent so much time in prayer and frustration, our “baby crazies” getting more intense until we finally received our answer. It was not at all the way we expected. Near the end of 2017 it was discovered that I had an enlarged uterine fibroid and early 2018 I underwent hysterectomy surgery. It took months of physical recovery and grief over not being able to carry a child that I finally concluded that this was God providing us with the answer we had been waiting so long for. It was then that we felt confidently led to the path of adoption. Everything seemed to come together from there. We not only are interested in adoption as a path to starting our family, but we feel drawn to the unique experience of being part of both a birth family’s and an adoptee’s story. We believe that the biological family is and will always be part of a child’s story and it is important to us that he or she understand that this decision has been made out of love and that their roots are a huge part of who they are. We are excited to bring up our child in a loving home with two extended families living nearby. We can’t wait to include our child in family traditions, such as my Mom’s Christmas breakfast muffins and Michael’s Mom’s stockings she stuffs for every single family member, young and old. We always go up to Michael’s parent’s lake house for summer holidays and ride on the boats and enjoy my family’s annual trips to St. Augustine Florida, where we stay in the same condo my sister and I grew up staying in as children also. We are also excited to create our own traditions and are open to celebrating important traditions the birth family may want him/her to know about as well.