Lucy and Sarah

Hi! We’re Lucy and Sarah. We find joy in life’s simple moments—meals shared with friends, quiet nights on the porch, laughter with family. After meeting in college nearly 20 years ago, we found a shared love of good books, good music, and good food. We were married 8 years ago. 

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed spending time together and exploring all that our city has to offer—new restaurants, parks, museums, and trails. We especially enjoy adventures outside. Our favorite place in the city is the botanical garden. They have an amazing children’s garden with lots to explore and we have enjoyed taking our nieces there when they come to visit. We also go every year to see the Christmas lights, and look forward to continuing this tradition with our child.

We love spending time on our front porch and in the backyard, cooking dinner on the grill and making s’mores around our fire pit. We enjoy walking and hiking in the woods, and are excited to foster our child’s love for nature and the outdoors. Lucy’s hobbies include gardening and yard work, and Sarah’s hobbies include knitting and reading. We look forward to teaching our child how to nurture and make things by hand, and to sharing lots of good books together.

We both enjoy meeting people and serving our communities through our work. Lucy is a pastor and Sarah is a librarian. Our work gives us the opportunity to help others find their way in the world. 

We live in a cozy home with our two cats, Gus and Walter. Our neighborhood is full of families with young children. Everyone likes to spend time outside in their yards, and we love meeting and talking to our neighbors (and their dogs!) as they walk down our street. There is a community park less than a mile from our house, with a basketball court, swings, walking trails, and a small creek for kids to splash in. We are looking forward to spending lots of time there with our child.

We are adopting because we want to expand our family, and we believe that family is not limited by blood or genetics. Our family is large and loving, made up of relatives and friends who have become family over the years. We have six nieces and one nephew, and they would love to have another cousin to play with!

We plan to be as open as possible with our child about their adoption, and we look forward to exchanging letters, phone calls, pictures, and visits with their birth family. If you choose us as your baby’s parents, our family will include you in whatever way makes you most comfortable. We will ensure our child grows up knowing they are loved unconditionally by many people, including you. 

With love,

Lucy and Sarah