Mandisa- Received Placement

Hi I’m Mandy, a single, hardworking entrepreneur who is so ready to become a mom! My cocker spaniel, Brandy, and I are ready to push a baby stroller around our community in the evenings after dinner.  My parents and brother live close by and are ready to stop by for baby snuggles.  I worked very hard and used my doctorate in Physical Therapy, bachelors in Biology and minor in Chemistry to open a physical therapy business consisting of 3 offices in the outpatient setting.   Providing great service for my patients and teaching younger therapist how to be a great  therapists brings me joy.  When I am not working, traveling is at the top of my list. Whether it is a trip to visit extended family or an adventure to Paris or Alaska, I always look forward to new travels. Traditions are important and I love spending time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins on both my mother and father’s sides for the different holidays.  For fun I like to play with my sweet dog, read, spend time with my parents and college friends, and go to the movies, concerts, and plays.  During the weekends, I will do things around the home from cleaning to home projects, go to church where I also usher on first Sunday’s, attend events and meetings with my social organization, relax on the couch, and of course go out to eat!
I live in a nice 3 bedroom townhome with a pretty backyard backing up to the lake. In the community, we have a pool and tennis courts that I look forward to using one day with my child!  I am choosing to adopt because marriage has not been in the cards for me yet and I am successful in my career and life and ready to have my own family.  After I adopt I will be open with my child about their background.   I would be so excited for my child if they had a letter from their birth parents after they are born.  I am willing to provide updates as well as pictures to show how much I love and adore your birth child. I am also willing to discuss a level of openness and visits. 
Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me! I understand this is a difficult decision for you to make and I admire your desire to place your child with the best home possible!