Michael and Ruben

Our Family

We are just two regular guys who fell in love with the United States when we moved here for work and decided to make America our home. After spending almost three years in the snowy Midwest, we now live with our five-year-old Labrador girl, Luna, in metro Atlanta.

We love to travel. From Blue Ridge to Yellowstone, from San Francisco to New York City, we marvel at the rich diversity America has to offer. Our fur baby Luna has come along with us on many road trips and hiked with us in Acadia and Shenandoah National Parks.

We also love spending time at home, working in our yard and inviting friends over for BBQ. Over the years some of our friends have welcomed new babies into their families so we are also happy to have our little friends over. Luna is very thrilled with her little playmates. We believe she will be a great help when we have our child.

Who Are We?

Ruben manages a business unit in a manufacturing company in metro Atlanta. He really enjoys working with his diverse team, which is spread out across the United States, Mexico and South America. Michael is completing a PhD in Literary Studies. He is also a freelancing translator and conference interpreter. Luna is our Labrador Retriever girl. We adopted this sweet girl when she was a 9-week-old puppy. Her favorite things include aircon vents and peanut butter.

Our Home & Community

We live in a quiet, leafy subdivision in metro Atlanta. It is a very diverse neighborhood with families from different cultural backgrounds. Our neighbors organize an annual block party in early fall, and we all come together to catch up over some live music and freshly barbequed burgers. Children from the neighborhood play together all the time. There are a couple of schools nearby, and many of the children go to the same school.

Our home is a couple blocks away from the main road, so it is very quiet and peaceful. We see a lot of wildlife in our yard, from hares, turtles to deer. We do all the landscaping by ourselves and enjoy every minute of it.

Why Are We Adopting?

From the beginning of our relationship, we have been talking about adopting a child. We love children, especially our nieces and nephews. We want to bring up our child in our cozy home, take them on camping trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or to an Atlanta United game. We want to watch and help them grow and carve out a life in this exciting world. Throughout this time, our child will know about you and how they arrived in our life as a gift of love. We will support our child’s decision to contact their birth family when they reach adulthood.