Pam and Eric

Hello!  We are Pam and Eric! We are a faith-filled, fun-loving, back-packing, beach-going couple living right outside of Atlanta. While we would never take a baby on a white-water rafting trip, we sincerely hope to include a baby on our next (baby-safe) adventure.

We met on a dating website in February of 2016.  Eric had been divorced for some time and Pam had never been married before. Neither of us had children, but we both wanted children.  After dating for a year and a half, we got married.  Prayer and faith carried us through a journey with infertility. Now we pray to be blessed with a child through adoption.

Pam worked as a lawyer for children for 10 years, but then followed her passion to pursue a career in art.  Pam is a designer part-time and creates home decor, stationery, and jewelry.  Pam also works part-time as a trainer for a customer service company.  Eric is a business analyst and enjoys writing software for hotels worldwide. Eric has worked for the same company for 30 years.  Pam and Eric both work from home and Pam has a very flexible schedule.  

Eric and Pam both have siblings and other family that are eager to lend a hand with a new baby.  Eric’s brother and brother-in-law, live a few minutes away. Pam’s two sisters and their adult children also live close.  Pam’s oldest sister adopted her two boys when they were toddlers. Pam played a major role in helping both of her sisters raise their children.  Members of Eric’s family that live out of state will come to town faster than the speed of light, once they know they have a baby to spoil. 

We live in a spacious 3 level home with 3 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. Our gated neighborhood is diverse and has families with little kids. We have an excellent selection of schools and daycares.

We pray that these words and pictures give you an introduction to who we are. Whatever you decide, we pray that your child is provided a safe, stable life, full of love, happiness and adventure.

Warmest wishes,

Pam and Eric