Patricia and Troy

Our Promise

We joined Families First with the understanding that there is so much out of our control with the adoption process. However, we are not focused on the things we do not know or cannot know right now. What we are focused on are things that we do know, and we can promise you. We know that we will strive every day to be extraordinary parents. We know we come from colorful life experiences that have shaped us into resilient and open-minded adults and will pass along these things to our future child. We promise to provide every resource available to our child that we can. We want to set them up for success. We promise to love them unconditionally and support them through any emotional, intellectual, or social needs they may face. We promise a home and community that is accepting and welcoming.  We promise a lot of laughter and to hold them when they are sad. We promise to motivate them when they are challenged and when they are proud. We promise they will be loved by our family and friends who have already volunteered to babysit. We promise your child will be encouraged to be honest, kind, openminded, passionate and grateful. Lastly, we promise they will know you. To whatever extent we are all comfortable with. They will know their story and of the greatness you possess.

About Us

Patricia: I love living in our neighborhood! I love being surrounded by the diversity, sense of community, and activities available. I love music and the arts, especially contemporary and modern art. I dream about going back to the art museums in Paris. Which is also a favorite of mine… traveling. I love immersing myself in new cultures. I love a relaxing morning, doing yoga, relaxing in our pool, and taking care of our Pomeranian, Little Miss Blackberry. I also like to volunteer in my free time, and visiting the beach is a must.  Education and college were always stressed in my family in order to further my stability and financial success for the future.  

Troy: As a trained chef for celebrities and the movie industry I really enjoy cooking and trying new foods.  I share my wife’s enthusiasm for art and travel and we truly are each other’s best friend.  I enjoy playing basketball, swimming in our pool, hanging out in the arcade room, or working out in our gym at home.  I love the outdoors whether it is hiking, riding bikes, surfing, zip lining, skiing, or horseback riding and I want to ensure our child has access to all different experiences.

Why We Want to Adopt

We want to adopt because we believe we are in a place to provide an excellent foundation that will allow a child to flourish to their highest potential and love them unconditionally. We are ready and eager to support our future child through any emotional, intellectual, or social needs they may face. We will raise a child with unquestionable love, commitment, presence and patience. We will be actively engaged in the child’s life, seeing life from their eyes and showing them life from others eyes. We will expose them to right and wrong through teachable moments. We will teach them that life can and will be tough at times, but with intention and integrity they will be able to move forward stronger than before. We will raise them to feel safe and unashamed to express their emotions and fears. We will encourage them to explore their endless interests, so they discover their passions and dreams. We will raise them to understand their power in the world, both good and bad, to feel confident and worthy and to have empathy and passion for humankind and the environment.