Regina and Terry

Regina & Terry met through a mutual friend at church 11 years ago. We married in 2013.  Regina is an Atlanta native. Terry was born in Birmingham, AL. We both were born into loving families with the same values.  We  both have Huge hearts with lots of LOVE to share.  Our family does not need an excuse for a celebration. We love planning events; spending time with family and friends for  Birthdays, Holidays, Game Nights. We love Autumn Festivals and traveling. 

Regina  earned  a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Business Education, a Masters of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling and a Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology. I am a  Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)  and an ordained Minister . I have a Private Practice in which  I work with clients to help heal their emotional, hurts, scars and traumas.  I enjoy hiking, researching, gardening, and traveling.

Terry graduated  with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.  I am a Water and Sewer Engineer. I enjoy investing, grilling, music, sports and fashion. I am the member of the security team at church. We live in a beautiful suburban neighborhood outside of  Atlanta. Our community is diverse, our neighbors are friendly, warm and welcoming. We have a community pool, lake and tennis court.  We have a happy healthy home full of love, laughter and fun.  We were unable to conceive naturally; the true desire of our hearts and our dream has been to be parents! It would be an amazing gift to be able to love and nurture a child of our own.  We would tell your child about the courage, and strength it took for you to make a selfless decision to consider adoption.