Richard and Kelley

Hello sweet friend,

We will never completely understand the choice that you must be facing. Our prayer is that God continues to give you strength and peace to make the best decision for you and your sweet child.

We believe so much in adoption, as we both grew up with cousins that are adopted. Our extended family easily embraced our cousins into the fold and they have always seemed more like siblings than cousins to us. We are so blessed to be close with both sides of our families with many aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins that are anxiously waiting on the new addition of the family to arrive.

We met when Kelley was a senior in High School. So yes, we married our high school sweethearts. We dated for six years total and were married in 2010. One of the best days of our lives was the day Richard proposed at our favorite restaurant. The shock on Kelley’s face must have been priceless. On our wedding day we committed our lives to each other, and every day we try to love, honor and respect each other in everything we do. 

Over the last several years, we have been trying to grow our family. We both grew up with two brothers and we have always wanted to have children of our own to love, laugh and see grow into adults.  Yet we have faced many challenges with infertility. Our journey has included three fertility treatments and exploratory surgery to help diagnose the underlying issues. Despite the best of modern medicine and treatment, we still have no answer.

Therefore, we decided to adopt a child because we so dearly want to be parents. We have felt God calling us to give a child a loving home. We have had such a peace since making this decision, and we can’t wait to hold your baby, love them and lead them to be strong, loving and courageous adults. 

Richard looks forward to being a dad and give this child a life full of adventure. We imagine taking this baby on camping trips to a local river for boat rides and to see that little face light up with joy. To be able to enjoy our family in this environment brings us unspeakable joy. Kelley looks forward to being the mom that she has always imagined she would be. Giving this baby unmeasurable love brings tears to her eyes. Our hearts long to take this child on vacation, to spend weekends at local outings around town, to gather together for a Thanksgiving feast and to watch them blow out birthday candles (and squish some cake in their face too!).

We live in a quiet neighborhood in Georgia. We love to have friends and family over to our home to share life together. On holidays, and during the spring, summer, and fall we love to go camping to the local rivers or to Ginnie Springs in Florida. We just love being in nature, especially with our friends and their families to kayak at the Flint River, swim wherever there is water, fish on the Flint or Ocmulgee river, and go on boat rides. Also, during the summer we like to go to the beach, Daytona or Panama City, with our extended family. Going to the beach with our entire family is a tradition we hold fast to even as all our families grow. During the fall, we love to go to college football games, University of Georgia, or have friends and family over to watch the game together. Christmas is also a very special time for us as we gather together. Most of my favorite memories as a child of the joy of Christmas time.

Richard works in the agricultural irrigation business and works on the farm. He is very handy around the house and can fix pretty much anything. Kelley works in the medical field, which was inspired by both of her parents’ joy for helping others.

 Our faith in the goodness of God pushes us to grow and become the best we can. Above all else, we want to be parents and to raise our child in the way our parents raised us, with strong moral values, a commitment to education, and deep ties to our extended families.  We have felt the calling so deeply in our hearts and we believe that it is in our near future.

We both truly want the best for you and your child. We hope this letter gives you a little insight on who we are. We hope that it spoke to you to let you know what kind of life your child would have if they were a part of our family. We will always keep you and your child in our prayers. Thank you for taking interest in our family.


Richard and Kelley