Ryan and Jenny

We have been married for over 9 years and together have three biological children, two sons (Declan – 7, Caleb – 5) + a daughter (Kensley – 4). Our family loves God passionately and our faith is the bedrock of every decision we make. We are committed to living a life of faith, loving big, and giving generously on every occasion. We love adventure and going hiking and camping often as a family. We value diverse friends, experiences, and cultures in our family and our children attend a language immersion school where they are becoming fluent in Spanish and English, with a side of Portuguese! We come from a diverse city and are very intentional to raise our children loving and celebrating diversity as well.

Our family enjoys good food with good friends. We have a phenomenal community of friends both through our church and in our neighborhood. Most weekends we connect either on Friday or Saturday with family friends doing cookouts, game nights, bonfires etc. Saturday mornings almost always start with pancakes and puzzles, as we enjoy a slow morning together before family activities like hiking nearby or the kids’ sports. Our family has a really consistent routine during the week of school, dinner + family time, books + bath, and then in bed for all the kids by 7:15pm. We believe in the value of good, consistent sleep, and it allows us to connect as a couple in the evenings as well. One of the highlights to our year is the annual beach trip each summer where we connect with extended family and spend time enjoying the sand + the sea!

Ryan has his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and works training doctors on surgical robots. Jenny has her Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and owns her own web design company working part-time with a flexible schedule allowing high involvement in the kids’ activities. We live in a large neighborhood with 3 pools, 4 playgrounds, tennis courts and basketball courts. The public library is at the entrance to our neighborhood allowing for easy access to lots of great educational activities. We live in a 4 bedroom home on a cul-de-sac, which allows the kids to ride bikes after school with neighbor friends.

While we have always talked about adoption over the years, one of the primary motivations to adopt now is to raise all of our children together as not only siblings but friends who will form a special bond that will last a lifetime. We feel that every child deserves a safe and loving environment to thrive, pursuing their dreams with family cheering them on. We think the more people that love a child the better. Adoption is a beautiful way that families unite around a child to propel them into the future of their dreams. We want to be a part of that with you. If you choose to entrust us with your precious little one, we commit to loving you, honoring you, and celebrating you as we raise this child to know how immensely loved he/she truly is by you first, as well as by us.  We believe families don’t have to all look the same to be special. We have space in our family and in our hearts to welcome home your treasured child, to love them and raise them to be a strong, confident man/woman who chases their dreams and loves those around them in big ways too.