Shalen and Monica

About Us: We have built a lasting relationship based on faith, love, trust, communication, family and friends. We have been married for 16 years and have been inseparable since the beginning. Our love deepened over time and we’ve learned that we can count on each other no matter what life presents. Through the years we have known we always wanted start a family. Adding another baby to our family will truly be a blessing. He or she will be blessed by our love and the love of family and friends who are eagerly awaiting his/her arrival.  We both are fortunate- we come from stable and loving families who have supported us throughout our lives. We found each other and are better for it. We were blessed with our son at 6 weeks old. He has brought so much into our lives that it defies description. We are excited that you would consider us as loving parents for your child. It is our hope you will gain some insight into our family.

Family Fun:  We love to travel and explore new places. We want to provide our children the opportunities to travel to places in and out of the United States. We love to cruise. Snorkeling, parasailing, and riding ATV’s through the rainforest, or even hanging at the beach or the pool have been some of our greatest memories. We also like to visit and tour the history of the islands and places we visit. We love Disney! We go back to visit every year! We love riding all the rides, enjoying the delicious seafood, and of course Mickey Mouse. We are kids at heart!

About Shalen: Shalen was born in California. He has lived many different places including Illinois and Missouri. He has lived in Georgia since he was 13. Shalen currently works as a team lead for a major insurance company. He is a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Shalen is a sports enthusiast, loves to golf, travel, attend sporting events, exercise, read and watch movies. Shalen is very fun-loving and outgoing. He is a devoted father and enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is the oldest of four children. He has twin brothers and one sister.

About Monica:  Monica was born and raised in Georgia. She is currently an instructional coach in a suburban elementary school. She is a college graduate who obtained her bachelor’s, masters and educational specialist degrees. Monica is very social, fun-loving, and outgoing. She loves the company of family and friends. She is also the oldest of two children. She has one sister. Monica enjoys reading, running, attending sporting events, plays, traveling, and movies. She also loves cooking and crafts such as making organic soaps and body scrubs. Her greatest accomplishment was becoming a mom. She loves spending time with Maddox and creating new experiences and memories.

About Maddox: Maddox is a very fun-loving 3-year-old. He joined our family at 6 weeks old and it was love at first sight! He loves sports, especially football and basketball. He loves to swim and play in the water. Maddox is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan! He plays soccer and loves to travel with us. He’s truly been an amazing blessing in our lives and he cannot wait to have a little brother or sister to grow up with.

Home and Community: Our home is nestled in a suburb of Atlanta. We have a lake and a walking trail that leads to the neighborhood park. We are a short drive from shop and restaurants. We live in an excellent school district. Our community is multicultural and offers a variety of seasonal activities such as the annual picnic by the lake, bonfires by the lake, Christmas, and other holiday gatherings.

Why are we adopting:  Going into our marriage we knew we always wanted children. We knew that trying to have our own biological children would be difficult because of a childhood illness Monica suffered from at age 2. We knew God called us to adopt and bring children into our loving home. We both grew up with siblings and we have always wanted to have children of our own to love, laugh and see grow into adults.  

What will we tell our child about his or her birthparents and their adoption decision? We promise to tell your child about adoption at an age-appropriate time. We would describe you in a respectful and loving manner given the difficult choices you are making. Your child will be raised in an environment surrounded by love and laughter. He or she will be given lots of attention, and grow up in a home based on faith and love. We want to give a child all that we were given as children, and raise them to always feel loved, protected, and cherished.