To a loving Mother/Father who dares to trust me with your precious gift from God:

I am Stacy, a single working professional, who prides myself in living an exciting, serving, and thankful life in the communities of Atlanta. 

I first of all Thank You for seeking a worthy parent/parents to provide a loving, safe, God fearing, and stable home for your child to grow and develop successfully into adulthood.

I work in the airline industry, which affords me the ability to visit so many fabulous places.  My educational background consists of a Marketing degree, real estate licenses in several states, and several other certifications. 

I am seeking adoption due to my inability to carry my own child at this time due to infertility treatments. 

My desire to be a mother is non-stop.  My family consists of my Dad, Mom, sisters, brothers, niece, and nephews that enjoy as many holidays together as often as possible.  We pray together, support each other, and constantly love on each other. 

I will tell my forever child that his/her birth mom(parents) was unselfish, loving, and took extreme measures to ensure the best life for him/her through adoption.

Kind Regards,