Susan and Anthony

Our Journey

Our journey together has not always been the easiest, but every step has been filled with joy.  Adoption was part of our conversations when we first met, but when Susan became Anthony’s kidney donor, we knew that adoption would be our path to creating the family we always wanted. 

The kidney surgery is just the beginning of our story, because now we know how strong of a couple we are.  We’ve been through the fire together and come out of it with a life full of love and joy and are now ready to grow our family.

Our Family and Dogs

Your baby will be surrounded by a nurturing family since Anthony’s five siblings and Susan’s two sisters and both parents all live within an hour of our home.  Our weekends, weeknights and ALL the holidays are filled with family gatherings.  From celebrating birthdays to going to basketball games to simply hanging out for dinner, our lives are full with joyous times with family. 

We absolutely love our pups, Emma and Quinn.  They both love to curl up with us on the couch and go on long walks in the park on the weekends.  When we get home from work, they are excitedly awaiting our arrival, with Quinn spinning in circles and Emma grabbing her favorite toy to show us as soon as we walk in the door. They both love kids and will be your baby’s best friends in no time.

Our Home and Neighborhood

Our brick ranch home has a large front yard and spacious fenced backyard complete with a deck.  We have one large central room that has the kitchen, family room and dining room with plenty of room for kids to run around while we make meals.  Every night and throughout the weekends Anthony fills our home with smells of soup and fresh breads in the winter and grilled meat and vegetables in the summer. 

Our home is only a block away from the closest playground and minutes from several local parks where we go on walks with the dogs. We are zoned for the best elementary school in Atlanta Public Schools and are also a priority zip code for the very highly rated charter schools.  These factors, combined with our involvement in their school, guarantee that your child will get a good education with us.

Our Work Lives

Both of us are in very good places with our careers and are grateful that we were able to go to college.  Anthony loves computers, so it is natural that he is now in IT security.  His job is complicated and carries lots of responsibility, but fortunately for him he enjoys the work and gets along well with his coworkers, which makes each day light and fun.  Susan has always worked for nonprofits and now she works as a fundraiser for a college, helping students of color get scholarships and jobs after graduation. 

Susan has great benefits for the whole family and has lots of flexibility that would allow her to always be available to pick up from school.  And Anthony has the ability to work from home some days of the week, which means your child will always have a parent available whenever needed.  Both of our employers know that we are hoping to adopt soon and they are excited for us, promising to give us flexibility as we welcome your baby into our lives.

Our Promise to You

We promise you that we will do our very best to give your child every opportunity in life.  We will give them lots of love and attention and as they get older, we will support them and encourage them to follow their dreams.  We will do everything within our power to make sure your child lives a long and happy life full of love, warmth, laughter and good times with friends and family. 

We look forward to working with you to figure out the best way for us to communicate over the years as they grow older so that you can see what a good life they are having.  Thank you so much for considering us for the great honor of raising your child.  We will make sure that your child knows you made this decision with great care and concern for their future.  They will always know how much you love them.