Tim and Steph

Hello! We’re Tim, Steph, and Landon (age 2). Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us to be your child’s adoptive family. The process you are going through must be challenging, and we are in awe of the steps you are taking for your child. We are thankful for the opportunity to grow our family and provide a child all of our love.

We (Tim and Steph) met in college and immediately connected over our love of music. Our home is filled with laughter, and we enjoy connecting over dinner each night, telling stories, and watching movies together. Since the beginning of our relationship, we knew we wanted to have children, but for many years infertility was an obstacle that kept us from growing our family. We adopted Landon as a newborn in the fall of 2017. There’s no way to describe the fun and fulfillment he brings to every day. We can’t wait for him to become a big brother and to share his love for life with a sibling.

Tim is a software engineer who works in the nonprofit sector providing solutions for global homelessness. Since childhood his desire has been to help others, and this professional role has given him the opportunity to pair his passions for writing code and making a difference in the world. Steph is a freelance writer and editor. She enjoys the nature of her work because it allows her the flexibility to prioritize life at home while maintaining outside interests.

Landon is an inquisitive, quick-thinking two year old, who loves to look at books, paint, and play made-up games with his stuffed animals. He attends preschool two days a week, and spends most of his time with Steph exploring their community and going on adventures. On the weekends, he loves to bake with Tim, watch cartoons like Daniel Tiger, and spend time with our friends—which he affectionately thinks of as his aunts and uncles. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t talk about his grandparents and cousins who live in other states.

We live in a suburban neighborhood within walking distance of our public library, favorite coffee shop, and local restaurants—all of which we frequent regularly. When the weather is warm, we spend as much time outside as possible going on hikes, playing at nearby parks, and having picnics. We have a large back yard and enjoy having friends over for cookouts and game nights.

We are so thankful for you taking the time to consider our family as the home to place your child. We pray that as you make your decision, you feel peace and confidence. We hope this profile has given you a glimpse into our lives, the love we will shower onto a child, and the family and friends that are such an important part of our journey.

With love and warm wishes,

Tim, Steph + Landon