Will and Amanda

Our Family

Our child’s adoptive family is waiting with open arms for that first big hug! At home, there’s Amanda, Will and our sweet fluffy pup, Naomi. Our child will be loved and cared for by SO many aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and even our dear friends, all of whom have been waiting right along with us for our family to grow. There will also be lots of playmates for our kiddo, most of all, Amanda who is now a “stay-at-home” wife and will be our child’s stay-at-home mom. 

Our Education & Careers

Amanda is a Librarian and has a bachelor’s degree in Geography, a master’s degree in Geography, and another master’s degree in Library Science. Like Amanda, Will also has a bachelor’s in Geography in addition to degrees in Computer Science and Math, and he works in Cyber Security for an Atlanta based company. Luckily, his work is in a field that is continuing to grow, so we’ve got lots of job security, great health care, and he gets lots of vacation time and sick leave, which means we can do a lot together as a family. An added bonus is that he works from home, so he is excited to get to see our child throughout the day when he comes downstairs to take breaks from work. We usually vacation once a year in a different country and really look forward to teaching our child all about different cultures and languages. If we adopt a child with international heritage, we’d love to take them to visit their birth family’s country of origin if the birth family/birth mom is around to share that information.

Our Home & Community

We live about 30 miles outside of Atlanta in a quiet, super safe neighborhood that has tons of kids, a playground where we have bouncy house kid parties, a walking path to a big lake with a beach, and “free library” book-stations for kids (take a book, give a book). We own our home which has a huge fenced yard for playtime, 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and a gigantic arts & crafts room for our child to let their imagination soar! To top it off, our street ends in a cul-de-sac which means there’s no fast traffic, and everyone that drives by our house lives on our street, so it’s a friendly (and super safe) place to live. We love it!

Why We Are Adopting

We’re adopting because we can’t make a baby on our own (infertility), and both of us have adopted family members, so adoption is natural to us. Since we have adopted family members, our child will always have someone to relate to when it comes to how adoption will play into identity formation.

Explaining Adoption to Our Child

We’re going to talk about adoption from the very beginning, no question about that. In our nursery, we’ve already started a library of kids books on the beauty of adoption, and we will always discuss adoption in a positive light, even if birthmom isn’t around. Birth mom will always be the first person who sacrificed for our child, and the first one who loved our child, and we will keep that honor alive in our child’s life as they grow up.