Yetunde and Kamaria

Yetunde and Kamaria

We are a down to earth, fun, loving couple who fully embraces who they are. We both have the capacity to be responsible, structured, and serious as well as charismatic, fun, and downright goofy. We value honesty, kindness, gratitude, compassion, fairness, authenticity, dependability, learning and creativity just to name a few. 

We eat dinner together most nights which is something Yetunde did as a child and has become a family tradition. Together we have traveled on vacations to cabins in the woods, the beach, Universal Studios, and of course to visit family throughout the country! 

We belong to a monthly dinner club, enjoy attending plays, ballets, visiting museums, concerts, and festivals. We also spend a lot of time with our friends having game nights and movie marathons. 

Thanksgiving is an important holiday and we invite our extended family over for a huge feast. When celebrating Christmas, we have an annual ugly sweater party! As a part of Kamaria’s family traditions we also celebrate Kwanzaa. Birthdays are treated with extra attention and care. Birthdays are “your days”; to make the choices about meals and activities. We are looking forward to sharing these traditions with our future child and include them in creating new ones! 

Kamaria works in corporate training and development and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. We both have post graduate degrees in our chosen field. 

We live in an upper middle-class neighborhood of homeowners with a lot of diversity. There are African American, Asian, African, Caribbean, White, and Biracial families throughout the community. Our home is surrounded by several beautiful parks and playgrounds. We also have a lot of cute restaurants and shoppes nearby. 

Our Thoughts on Adoption 

For us, family has never been defined strictly by biology. We both come from families that are somewhat blended but regardless of bloodlines we just accept everyone as family. We don’t use words like ‘half’ brother or ‘step’ uncle when together we are all just family. 

From early on, we have always talked about starting a family that includes a combination of amazing children (ideally 2) both adopted and biological. After trying to conceive through several IUIs, we decided it was time to focus our attention on welcoming our child through adoption. We know there are children out there who need us just as much as we need them. Our future child already holds a priceless place in our hearts and we have a passionate devotion for them, no matter how they come to us. 

We know adoption is an unbelievably difficult and selfless decision to make for any birth parent. Please know how much we respect, admire and honor the unconditional love that comes with making such a choice. Our hopes and prayers for peace, clarity and strength are with you. Your decision set the perfect foundation of an incredible legacy of love for us to carry on with your child should you decide we are the right fit.